Mimi Time is lost.

Denmark can be so beautiful
Denmark can be so beautiful when you are rich…

I am lost. Mimi Time is lost. I am Mimi Time.

Two years ago I came to Denmark to be a Head of Department and teacher at an international school in a tiny place in rural Djursland and today I had my first day as a cleaner of summer houses. What happened? How did I get onto that elevator down? Actually it took only a split second for Cruella to say:

“We are not renewing your work contract” and another split second for me to reply: “Ah.Ok.Shit.Shit.FUCK” (actually the last two words were said very silently)

Two years of having business cards and a regular income to shit I don’t even speak the language in this country. Ah and by the way nobody told me, that you need to pay into a separate unemployment fund to get unemployment benefits. Hmmm. Nice one Mimi. So I would only get social welfare after I paid nearly 50% of my wages in taxes for the last two years. But I don’t want to be bitter- honestly. I want to see this as an opportunity, as an adventure into a new me and into a new and exciting life. Because I am free and can do whatever I want now-right?

Back to my first day of working as a summer house cleaner.

I went with a bright and beautiful Polish girl to a house with a stunning sea view and we had to make sure the cleaning had been done correctly. Going through the rooms of that house, imagining what the people did here while on holiday. Were they happy? Did they have rampant sex in the beds? Did they fight? Were they laughing when their cat destroyed the chair? (that actually happened) and I thought I am going to like my new job.

We were opening cupboards, wiping surfaces and cleaning under the beds, stuff that the other cleaning girl had overseen. Opening cupboards and finding stuff is exciting. Half used shampoo and a set of razors, which I politely passed on, but then I found a “Bunte” magazine from Germany (I lived in Hamburg before I moved here) and nearly had tears in my eyes. I will read about the rich and beautiful people tonight on my sofa, when my cat has recovered from Bad-mommy-took-my-choice-to-have-babies-hangover. I took my cat’s choice to multiply, as I am moving into a tiny apartment, as the huge 5 room apartment where I am living now is owned by the place I worked before. Well sometimes it is not just a job you loose…

But the new apartment is closer to my horse (yes I am also a horse mommy). Being unemployed and having a cat and a horse as a family is better than nothing, but looking at the financial side it is probably not the best combo. I was given my lovely horse last January as a present. This girl, I had met only a couple of times said to me: “I want YOU to have my horse as I am having a baby” And I was teary eyed and whispered: “Thank you for such a beautiful present.”

And I didn’t know what was still to come…

Typical Mimi. Still believing that having a white horse would increase the chance of bumping into Mr Prince. Don’t they always come on a white horse and drop in for a little sherry? At this point I just would like to add to all the lovely Mr.Princes out there, you are more than welcome to come and drop in for a little Sherry-anytime.

My lovely horse “Goldpfeil”- (though he is silver- how did he get that name???) didn’t find that being ridden was one of his duties in life. When he didn’t want to do something, he just reared (jumped up) and hit me in the teeth. Luckily my teeth are ok, Danish dentist are so expensive, that it makes you cry, not from the pain, but from the loss of your monthly pay check.

But as I like being pushed around bit in my life, I don’t mind paying big bucks for my little spoilt Golden Darling. Might be a past life karmic thing- who knows.

Now I am moving to my sofa and enjoy the glam view before I have to move to that tiny apartment in two weeks. Champagne might in order or a little cheap Aldi version of bubbles. Good night lovelies and remember:




6 thoughts on “Mimi Time is lost.

  1. A bitter sweet comment to a bright summers day. Even life has some grey zones. Otherwise there would not be a new days start.
    As long as fantasy don’t stops every day is moving you toweards the sun. Go on.

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