Mimi Time is scared.

You WILL give me expensive food, or I'll haunt you in your dreams!
You WILL give me expensive food, or I WILL haunt you in your dreams!

I am scared. Mimi Time is scared. I am Mimi Time.

I have taken my cat’s free will to have babies and had her sterilized  yesterday. I tried to explain her, that we girls have to stick together now and that we can’t afford Disco-babies (babies made after a little disco evening…) If I can’t have one, she can’t have 1 till 7 either. The problem with that is, that she now has got something to blackmail me with and cats are very good at that.

In the supermarket I felt her watching me, as I was trying to grab the cheap cat food and heard :

“You WILL give me expensive cat food, or else I WILL haunt you in your dreams”

And guess what? I took the expensive, beautifully designed, little minute package. In the commercial for that exquisite product, the cat-mommy serves this brand in a long black dress and puts a little parsley on the top to make it even tastier for the little one.

Mental note: Must get fab black long dress to serve cat food…

But actually I didn’t go to the supermarket for expensive cat food, but to buy hair dye. For my first day of cleaning inspector and cleaner tomorrow, I didn’t want to show up with my dark-social-welfare-roots. Understandable, isn’t it? You might be cleaning other people’s rubbish, but you don’t want to feel like other people’s rubbish.

Every time I buy hair dye in Denmark, I am astonished. I think hair color is classed as a luxury item in Denmark, it costs €15.


Something that costs about €3 in Germany- Yeah, yeah I know. If I don’t like it I can go back to where I came from- but you lovelies, I don’t get unemployment benefits in Germany either, as I didn’t work there. Who actually said we are one Europe…

But back to hair…

I am wondering, if  Denmark doesn’t know that a girl with dark roots and grey in her hair (obviously not in my case) will not consume as much (you just don’t feel so hot with a bad hair do-less VAT earned, less profit, less taxes, less workers needed), wouldn’t meet boys (if you don’t buy new things, you obviously CAN’T go out) and wouldn’t make Danish babies with Danish men (as you don’t go out and don’t meet any hunky Danes…) and the already small population in  beautiful Denmark will eventually die out…

So there you have it Denmark, do you want your population to grow or to dwindle into nothing? The choice is yours, lovely government of Denmark (unfortunately I know no names of important politicians as I don’t understand Danish TV to personal this):

“Lower the prices for hair dye and make your population grow”

Must dash to apply overly priced hair dye to hair, but first I went to deliver the overly priced glamorous tuna cat food to the little one. It actually looked incredibly tasty. And do you know what? I had to try it- don’t tell anybody…but it looked better than it tasted. Lesson learned.

Enjoy your day you lovelies and remember:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY (as long as you don’t have any dark roots…)


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