Mimi Time has the F.B. (Facebook Blues)

"Is it an U.F.O. trying to land next to the horses?"
“Is it an U.F.O. trying to land next to the horses?”

I am having the Facebook Blues. Mimi Time has the Facebook Blues. I am Mimi Time.

Update: Cat better. Horse maybe better. Rode the maybe better horse (didn’t fall off…) Sun shining. Invited to dinner at a friend’s house this evening. In a good mood.

So, the day was more than ok. The riding of the stubborn horse went well. He didn’t throw me off, maybe he was still weak from the kick to his eye, but whatever the reason was, we had a bit of fun until he turned into a donkey, stood like a statue and didn’t move until I jumped off-then he ran back to the gate. Hmm.

Me being the good horse-mommy brought camomile tea and washed his eye with camomile (finally I can use the nasty camomile tea from the last century- who can drink that anyway) and it looks a bit better now. The sun was shining, I saw a near-U.F.O. landing next to the horse field (see photo for proof) and life was just really sweet…

…but you know what happens when you consume too much sweets? Right you get nauseous. And did I feel nauseous when I checked my Facebook. Right the first photo was a photo I didn’t want to see or shouldn’t have seen. Smiling and happy ex-friend and still Facebook-friend jumped right in my face. A whole picture perfect photo shooting. The happiness from all different sides. And you know what? I should have been in that picture.



I should have made my Facebook friends nauseous and envious by being in that vomit inducing happy-go-lucky-photo. Sometimes a photo can say more than 1000 words. It can say:

“I am so happy and you are not.”

Then seeing the photo of my successor on Facebook didn’t help either. Well, good luck to him and I am going to have a wonderful life.


The husband of my evil ex-boss thought I am going to have wonderful time at my new place. When he said that I was really surprised. There was no connection to anything we had talked about. Did he maybe feel envious and maybe wanted to move to the country side too, with animals, freshly baked bred and happy photos? Who knows. Must check his Facebook profile…

I am feeling that the times without Facebook and internet weren’t so bad. If you were depressed, it was because your life was shit. Today you get depressed because other people’s life look so much more wonderful than yours. Everybody is so beautiful, happy, rich, spiritual and incredible funny. And then you look at yourself and think:

“Wow, my life is neither that happy, funny or full of that many handsome men, cute girls, parties and friends…”

My life isn’t actually that bad, but in comparison with all the mega-lifes out there, my life really looks not that mega. If anybody thinks my life looks just a little bit jealousy-inducing, please let me know and in an instant I will send you an e-mail with all those not so wonderful things in my life-or you could just keep coming back to my blog… If you do you want some little shitty life details just in case you get the Facebook Blues, just send me an e-mail.

I like telling you lovelies how unpleasant  parts of my life are, so you don’t have to feel bad about your own life (mega karma points floating my way…). But then you are probably all insanely happy all the time and that is why you are reading my bitchy blog, as you actually don’t have any reason to bitch. Hmmm. Mental note: must check all your Facebook profiles…

Maybe I should just get photoshop and stop bitching, then I can make my life look as beautiful as I want. Could I maybe get rid of 10 kg in that picture…???

So now I am going to my friend’s house to look over the sea, feel how wonderful my life is and I won’t check Facebook for at least a few hours…honest.

And remember: If it looks like shit, if it smells like shit and if it feels like shit- it probably is shit, even though you photoshopped it pink.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY- and you don’t need photoshop to shine!!!

P.S. Feel better. Day is insanely happy now….So happy…Dancing and singing by myself…



4 thoughts on “Mimi Time has the F.B. (Facebook Blues)

  1. My favorite quote of the day, “My life isn’t actually that bad, but in comparison with all the mega-lifes out there, my life really looks not that mega.” TOTALLY!

  2. You are so, so right. In general, about everything, but this entry in particular! I do envy your life, though. I haven’t ridden a horse for years, and I still miss it every day…

    1. Thank you for so much for your comment! It is actually really nice to ride and to try to train the gift-horse (he was given to me as an untrained present…)- even though we still have a lot to learn and often it doesn’t go as I wanted it to go…:)

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