Mimi Time is feeling snug.

"Now we have arrived in the country side"
“Now we have arrived in the country side”

I am feeling snug as a bug in a rug.

It is raining cats and dogs outside and I am sitting in my bedroom and feeling so cosy. I love rainy Sundays. Nothing to do apart from maybe a little nap later…

So. The move to the country side has taken place and it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I had help from very nice friends and all my stuff was in the cars within an hour and when we got to the stable it took us less than an hour to bring everything up, clean the fridge and take my bed apart and put it back together. In my mind moving always looks so much worse and I worry for weeks about it, but when it arrives it is not as painful as expected. By now I have unpacked most of my boxes, apart from the once that have the B-stuff in it. The stuff that you don’t really need but couldn’t throw away. That kind of stuff. Although I have to say, not having a TV anymore it is kind of nice to have old stuff around, as I can sit on my sofa and read books or go through old note books. I finally have time to read my father’s notes on his life (he wrote a little book about his life and gave it to me about 2 years ago…)

What is my life like, now that I live on a horse farm?

I wake up  to the sound of the horses’s hooves and their calling to each other. Then I get up and go and feed my horse and his biting new friend. A nice companion, but quite jealous. Every time I bring hay or other snacks, he bites my horse in fear he might not get enough (I know this feeling from somewhere, although I rarely bite other people…) Then I ride or do a little work (the horses are on the field and don’t need so much attention at the moment) or just hang out and in the evening I sit on my sofa and read books or look at general B-stuff.- Sounds idyllic? It actually is. I feel really calm, apart from when my internet is disappearing or my phone does weird things (help is so much further away now)…

Also my cat has gotten used to the new apartment now and really likes to go up and down the stairs, hunt flies all night and suspect mice behind the walls. I told her she will be able to go outside, after the initial 2 weeks, so that she’ll find her way back-

"I am not staying inside my friend..."
“I am not staying inside my friend…”

-but my cat does not believe in patience (like me?) Last night I woke up as there was no sound of fly chasing to be heard and no cat steps on the stairs, so I got up and went looking for Dotty. No Dotty down stairs, no Dotty on the sofa, in the kitchen, the bathroom or under the sofa. No cat at all…

I put some shoes on and went downstairs into the stable, maybe the cat had climbed out of the window? No cat there either. I called her. Nothing. So I went back upstairs and then over sudden a black cat jumped through the open window back into the bathroom. Good that I am not that easily spooked. The cat had been up on the roof for a little night tour. So, now that window has to stay closed.

Today the cat then tried to get out of a half opened window and got stuck in it, so I had to rescue her. So, now window number two has to be closed too…I guess the cat will be very happy when she can finally eat mice for dinner and I will be happy to be able to open ALL my windows again…

and lovelies do remember:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY- even when you are in your stinky stable clothes…



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