Mimi Time and the beginning of being a HG (horse girl)

"I want this one!!!"
“I want this one!!!”

So how did I become a horse girl you might wonder after my last post. Maybe Mimi came from a rich family and she got her first pony when she was only three years old and her first arab stallion when she was ten. She had all the little riding trousers and boots and always had new saddles and bridles for her horses….

But unfortunately it wasn’t like that at all.

Yes, I got my first horse-back riding lessons when I was nine. It was horrible. It was at the elite riding school in my home town and I was riding on Hannoveraner horses (they are like Danish warm blood and HUGE) and because my lesson was always on a Monday and the huge grumpy horses had been standing in the stable for two days (in those days you just left the horses inside) they were definitely full of unused energy on Mondays. In one lesson I fell of one of these giants seven times. After falling off those horses one too many times I changed to a pony stable outside the city and I really loved it there. I rode on ponies without a saddle and we rode in the forest for hours. It was really nice and when you fell off, you didn’t fall so far. I really wanted to have my own pony like some other girls at the stable, but my mother didn’t think that was such a good idea. Even though I tried to convince her, she stood her ground. After having cats, a dog, rabbits and hamsters she was adamant not to let a pony sneak in as well. This was my first lesson in life: LIFE IS NOT FAIR…

I thought life could go on like that forever, but life rarely stays the same and so things changed. My mother didn’t want to drive all the way to the pony stable every weekend anymore, I got older, there were parties at the weekends and boys over sudden became quite interesting. 

So life passed and I only rode during holidays…

…until I came to Denmark.

I moved to Denmark to teach at an international school and found myself in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere with no friends and surrounded by darkness and a raging Scandinavian winter. One evening I sat in my oversized apartment and felt like I had three options in my empty life: become an alcoholic, get a huge depression or do something about it. I wanted to do something- but what? Somebody told me, that Danes make friend by joining a club. So, find a club then…

I was having the option between a kayak club and the riding club to join and as it was winter and there was no kayaking, I chose the riding club. I signed up for lessons and I rode in a lesson with girls between nine and twelve. The beginning was not so funny. I got the horse, that nobody else wanted to ride (there is always a reason for that…). But even though the hour with the grumpy horse was me having a bit of time-out from the stress at the school and once the grumpy horse went bak to his owner and I could ride other not so grumpy horses. After about three months the other people and girls at the stable started to talk to me and I started to make friends (so the person was right, this is how Danes meet people). In the spring a lovely, slightly fat horse came to the club and I knew straight away I wanted to have her as my weekend horse. I rode her every weekend and took lot’s of lessons.

And again I thought this could go on for ever…

But I met this girl, who said

“I want you to have my horse” and she gave me her horse, as she didn’t have the time to keep him any more. 

And so my journey started. 

Since getting my horse my life has changed completely- different job, different place to live and different things in my life. He is my magic horse and he is not too huge. When things get a bit iffy while riding, I can still jump off without falling too far…

"Finally my childhood dream came true"
“Finally my childhood dream came true”

and so remember sometimes wishes may take a bit longer, but they do come true, so be careful what you wish for…



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