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The Horse Girl in the autumn.

It is raining cats and dogs...
It is raining cats and dogs…

What has Mimi Time been up to, since last time? Well, first of all my internet in the countryside wasn’t working so well and then I have been working two jobs: being a stable girl in the morning until noon and then being a cleaning girl for the summer houses during the afternoon. Busy bee. So busy, that I have been going to bed really early, as the horses wait for their room (box) service in the morning very early.

You know, what I learned during the last month?

It did come as a little surprise to me, but sometimes horses are not the brightest cookies in the jar. They can be a little stupid at times and I do mean that in the nicest possible way. But here some little examples : throwing over a freshly filled, huge bucket of water and draining it into the field, going to the toilet into their food crib, breaking the fence (a few times), biting the fence poles and breaking it, stepping on my foot, biting each other until it bleeds, being afraid of an apple tree (REALLY???) and many more…

Maybe we actually make them just intelligent in our minds and they not so smart in reality? Hmm.

Being a horse girl in the autumn is really not as fun as being a horse girl in the summer. Being outside she it is windy, wet and cold is not so much fun. Today it started raining and it is still raining like cats and dogs.

A very wet horse…

This afternoon the horses were so wet, that they looked really miserable outside and so I put on my super-rain coat and rescued the horses from the evil rain (are they not suppose to be used to harsh weather conditions? What did they actually do in the old times when there were no boxes or warming lamps for horses???)

But riding a wet horse is actually as much fun as taking a cold shower (which I had to do when the water heater was not working- not nice…next time I just smell..) and so I just have a horse, I don’t ride him much, which he enjoys immensely.

But hey, do you know what the absolute best thing about being a horse girl is? You can eat as much as you want and you still loose weight. Basically you can stuff yourself with everything ┬áin sight and not gain weight. And eating is what I do when I don’t muck out, feed the horses or clean summer houses. I eat bread, pasta, cookies, chips, cheese and chocolate and still loose weight. Ideal isn’t it? I think I am going to sell a week working on the horse farm to people that want to loose some weight. A friend of mine from Germany has actually already booked the week after christmas to come and work on the horse farm again. I think I should make a business out of that.

Loose weight while enjoying the fresh country air”

Thinking of food… I think I have to eat again…

My cat has been enjoying the country side very much too, the (dead) mouse count has gone up to at least 4. (good, so the mice don’t come into the apartment)

Cat is going to eat that mouse.
Cat is going to eat that mouse.

AND NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY-YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL even in an oversized rain coat and wellington boots!