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Mimi Time is feeling German again.

"Call me Weltmeister-Dog!"
“Call me Weltmeister-Dog!”

I am feeling German again. Mimi Time is feeling German again. I am Mim i Time.

So. I am in Germany. One day after the legendary football match against Argentina I drove home and the whole country was in a sort of hang-over state. It was quiet and people were tired. Happy but completely exhausted.

"One last flag hanging in there..."
“One last flag hanging in there…”

Maybe this football victory will make Germans feel more happy about being Germans again? In general we are a nation of not so happy German people and we have not been able to feel so proud of ourselves in the past. (Do I need to explain? Just a hint: people in khaki uniforms, Hitler greeting…)

But now that we are Weltmeister it is all going to change. We will hang German flags on our houses and cars, wear German football jerseys and we are going to be nice people, not hung up about the past, open and friendly to all, generous and funny. WE ARE GOING TO BE FUNNY…(just imagine this with a German accent)

But being in Germany again is nice, I can speak the language, which really helps with every day things and not ever day things too. I can even make a joke in my own language. I can call people and understand them. The foreign guy at the Thai- Take -Away did not understand me so well and I had to spell everything about 10 times, in order to receive the wanted Asian food. (but being a foreigner in a foreign land myself, I do understand how he must feel and I spelled the address and name patiently again and again and again- he might have had a hang-over too- by the way Germany WON!!!)

So we ordered Thai food and it was really good- where I live there is only a pizza take away, that’s it. We sat in the garden the dog farted a little bit and later the dog snored like a real Weltmeister through the whole apartment. I felt like being in an episode of the Walton’s:

“Good night John-Boy, Good night Dicky, Good night Mimi…”

Today I am going to learn Reiki and because of that I have been eating vegan food in preparation- the interesting bit was how much this made people either cheer me on or yell at me… The BBQ bean burger were nice but my stomach is still rumbling from all the vegetables and beans over the last week. I also have to admit there might have been the occasionally butter incident. I can’t say I am feeling so different though having been a vegan for a week. I am feeling good, but I think that is in general anyway.

But now my aunt asked me to go for a brisk walk through the park with the Weltmeister snoring and farting dog Dicky. So will go to the park and explore feeling German again.

And remember:

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY- even if you are an exhausted German with rings under your eyes after a long World Cup…